Profile PictureFlavio Brahja : Author of The "33 " series.

In an endless existence of Seven Realms and 33 Universes, each governed by its own unbreakable laws, a mysterious disturbance begins to unravel the very fabric of reality. A shadowy Entity with no known origin appears, gathering key individuals from each Universe, each endowed with unique powers—magic, divine, and beyond. These chosen ones are drawn from realms where paradoxes defy logic and divine forces reign supreme. United by the Entity's enigmatic purpose, they must confront their destinies and the secrets binding their worlds. As they journey through the multiverse, they uncover the truth behind the cosmic anomalies, challenging the essence of existence itself. In this epic saga, the heroes must navigate a landscape where the boundaries of space, time, and magic blur, embarking on a quest that will reshape the Seven Realms and 33 Universes within. This is their story—a tale of power, mystery, and the relentless pursuit of truth in a cosmos on the brink of transformation.

33 : The White Owl


33 : The Immortal Blood